Spinal Decompression

Stop Endless Prescriptions and Medical Intervention

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Non-surgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction designed to relieve back and neck pain, and pain that radiates into the arms or legs. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine to retract bulging or degenerated discs, stretch deep ligaments, and reduce pressure on the spinal nerve roots.


  • Favored as a Non-Surgical Option
  • Feels like a Gentle, Relaxing Stretch
  • Relieves Pinched Nerves
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Can Decrease or Eliminate Sciatic Pain
  • Restores Your Movement and Mobility to Get Back to What You Love
  • Promotes Better, More Relaxed Sleep
  • Improves Circulation
  • Treats: Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Discs, Disc Degeneration, Spondylosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Slipped Discs, Spinal Arthritis, Neck Pain, Back Pain

Uses the Chattanooga Triton DTS Technology


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My sleep has been much more comfortable since I started using the decompression table!


The tingling and sensitivity in my legs and groin was gone for a whole week after my first session.


I love the distraction that Dr. Nancy uses (I've been a patient of hers for 20 yrs) and this is better!


I injured my L5 disc when deadlifting in the Spring of 2022. Adjustments helped with the sciatic leg pain, but the Decompression fixed it!


"It's like my inversion table but the blood doesn't rush to my head."

"I can stand taller immediately" 


"I felt so good after the decompression that I overdid it in the garden! But once a week on it is my new routine." 


"After my first decompression session, I had no back pain for 3 days."

G.D. , Previous Fusion Surgery L3-L5


"The last 2 days I had zero back pain. It's a world record."

D.W. , chronic constant back pain