Cold Laser Therapy

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser

Delivers light energy which produces chemical energy in the cells of our body, similar to how trees absorb sunlight to create chlorophyll. This innovative technology reduces pain, speeds repair and increases circulation. In contrast to cheap infrared devices, the Terraquant has true laser capabilities to enhance healing.

  • Reduce pain quickly from injury, surgery, or chronic pain
  • Decrease swelling and edema
  • Improve joint flexibility and mobility
  • Creates ATP for tissue repair after injury, surgery, or athletic exertion
  • Delivers oxygen to the blood stream
  • Can be used over braces, casts, and with metal implants
  • Sessions are painless and last 5-30 minutes

In-Office Use:

  • Our Trimboli Chiropractic staff will assist you in proper use and setting for your goals

At Home Use:

  • Rental: Includes one on one direction and instructional videos for use
Cold Laser


“It’s amazing. I twisted my ankle and put the laser on for a few minutes while watching TV and the next day the pain was gone”

"The laser is awesome. My daughter's boyfriend plays baseball and when he sprained his ankle, we used the laser on him and he was good to play the next day!"

"I love my laser! I use it on my knees after hiking. My knuckles are not swollen and are more flexible!"

"I don't know if it was the cold laser or the bone mend or both, but the orthopedic surgeon and the pa both said that most people have much more swellilng. You are able to move your arm better than you should at this point with having three fractures in your upper arm and shoulder"

"After recent surgery, I was able to cut down on meds sooner than expected. It was also soothing and helped calm down my incision. There was no trouble with inflammation or infection!"