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As of January 2, 2018,
Trimboli Chiropractic has moved
solely to our Cedar Lake location
for all Chiropractic Hours,
Spot Massage and Laser Therapy.


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Thank You

I wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Nancy Trimboli and her entire staff for all the years of great service for my family. In addition to the great physical treatment we receive at the office, we have always appreciated the friendly and helpful staff at the office.

I have a rather large family of six, so we have had a variety of physical problems over the years, but we have had great success with these issues by coming to Trimboli Chiropractic.

I have come to Trimboli Chiropractic for many years for relief from prior athletic injuries, problems from long distance driving, an irregular heartbeat, to getting hit in the head a few times during my son's baseball practices/games. I can't think of a time I came in for treatment, and it wasn't taken care of. My wife has been to Dr. Nancy for many years as well, including a couple of accidents and helping her before/after childbirth.
Dr. Nancy has been especially helpful with my children's athletic abilities. My oldest daughter is a volleyball player and was complaining about her shoulder being stiff and some inability to jump with explosiveness, and came in for some treatment. The very next night at her high school game, the explosive jumping returned and she hit the ball as well as she did the entire season. She looked over at me during that game and knew exactly how Dr. Nancy helped.

My son plays a lot of baseball, along with basketball. He is a pitcher and throws a lot of innings during the season, so his shoulder gets stiff and sore at times. Each time he comes in for a treatment at Trimboli Chiropractic, he gets great relief and we came back in many times and indicated how well he threw the ball after his treatments. In addition, he used to get bloody noses all the time in the summer and many times at his baseball games. Following treatments with Dr. Nancy, they are almost non-existent now.

My middle daughter experienced numerous ear infections as a younger child. She went through all of the antibiotics, but kept getting the infections. After her treatments by Dr. Nancy, the infections went away and she does not get them any longer.

While our youngest daughter was an infant, she was having trouble gaining weight. Following treatments with Dr. Nancy, her weight picked up and that has never been an issue with her again. Dr. Nancy and her staff are great with children, and the children actually have confidence her abilities, and look forward to coming in for treatments.

Trimboli Chiropractic has been great for our family wellness, and has also been very supportive in many community-related activities and supporting youth activities.


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