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One Woman's Story

I toyed with the idea of seeing a chiropractor for 10 years when my lower back began to feel painful and stiff. I was leery - the spine seems such a fragile structure. I decided that I'd go if I was referred by someone I trusted - no letting my fingers do the walking. I had to do something when my back pains grew more severe. I was losing mobility in my neck and shoulders. Acquaintances, including Joanna, my yoga instructor, recommended Dr. Trimboli and said she had helped them. "She's not only a chiropractor. She's a gifted healer," Joanna told me. That was all I needed to hear. I called for an appointment.

On my first visit, after x-rays, Dr. Nancy didn't see arthritis in my hips, surprising me. Aching hips kept me up nights for almost a year. I had arthritis in my neck, a pinched nerve (subluxation) and a compressed disc. I started treatment three times a week. I was nervous. She assured me the adjustments would be gentle. "My last patient was eight months old," she smiled. "And she did okay." I was appropriately humbled.

After my second adjustment, my hips stopped aching and the tension from the back of my neck and head eased. I looked forward to decreasing pain in my lower back, mimicking sciatica.

I couldn't bend or stoop without extreme pain. I could walk or run, but sitting hurt. I worried that I would become an invalid, like my father had. Three weeks into treatment, Dr. Nancy scheduled a workshop on trigger points and asked me to attend. I was extremely interested, having found a book on that topic in her waiting room. I skimmed The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies, and read the chapter on lower back and hip pain. I read about Kenny, 42, a long-haul trucker who suffered from aching and burning that thrust deep into the buttock and down the thigh. This sounded like my symptoms. "You may find yourself constantly changing position while sitting. Your hips may feel stiff, you may have difficulty getting up out of a chair. You can no longer bend over and touch your toes." Exercising did not help, but instead exacerbated the pain.

Realizing that my back problem was described so exactly, I had to find out more about trigger points. In an illustration, the book showed where to place a tennis ball to massage a trigger point deep in the muscle. I attending a workshop before trying the deep tissue massage technique. It looked simple, but I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing. In the workshop, we practiced locating and holding pressure on trigger points in the shoulder and along the side of the spine. The next day, I tried massaging my hip and back with a tennis ball. The muscles behind my left hip were so tight, I could no longer bend without pain. Placing a tennis ball on the floor and pressing my hip against it felt excruciating - I did it only for 30 seconds, moving it slowly, according to the book's descriptions. Afterward, I held ice to it. The next day, I tried again and felt improvement. In fact, I was able to bend slightly in ways I hadn't been able to that morning. Excited, I decided to continue the treatment. On my next visit to the chiropractor, I told Dr. Nancy I had a breakthrough in my pain. "That's exciting, isn't it?" she said. I did still have pain in one section of my lower back, close to the spine. She worked on the nerve in that area. I worked with the tennis ball every day, massaging for a minute at a time, twice a day. After several days , I felt my muscle flatten and the pain recede. It was so pronounced an effect that I immediately stood up to see if I could bend forward without pain. I could.

After a month of chiropractic treatment, I still have some discomfort when I sit, but the searing pain I suffered is gone. I am back to working in my garden - I have complete mobility restored so that bending and stooping are no problem. I can exercise again. When I feel my muscles tense, I make sure to massage those trigger points when I get home. I even bought The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook at a local bookstore so I could know more about how it works.

I am grateful to Dr. Nancy for her adjustments, restoring my spine and nerves to health, and for her natural approach to healing. There is nothing like getting well without expensive medication, without the trauma of surgery, and with treatment I can do.


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