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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

15 things you can do TODAY to prevent it

  1. Drink clean water. Using a reverse osmosis system is best, it removes hormones and pesticides. Culligan is an example of reverse osmosis.
  2. Take omega 3 and 9 fatty acids. Fish oil supplement, flax seed oil supplement, walnuts and walnut oil are good sources. Omega 3 fatty acids inhibit cancer development, growth and spread.
  3. Remove avoidable petroleum. Found in many cosmetics, lotions, household products, pesticides.
  4. Use organic dairy. Dairy cows are fed hormones, particularly estrogen, to make them produce more milk. These get passed into the milk we drink. Organic dairy does not have these added hormones.
  5. Use hormone-free meat and eggs. Many chickens are given added hormones to make them fatter and produce more eggs. Vegetarian and cage free chickens are not given these hormones.
  6. Eat organic fruits and vegetables. Five to nine servings per day. Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower are indol-3 carbinol cruciferous vegetables, meaning they decrease estrogen and detoxifies cancer causing agents! Imported fruits and vegetables can have up to 50% more pesticides than those grown in the US.
  7. Watch your sugar intake. The more sugar you intake the lower your insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes.
  8. Take a Co Q 10 supplement. Helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Helps the body produce energy. Take 50-150 mg/day.
  9. Take a melatonin supplement. Melatonin stops damage to cells and repairs DNA. It also helps you sleep. Best time to get good sleep is 10pm-6am. Take 3-9 mg at bedtime.
  10. Take a selenium supplement. Take 60-100 mcg with Vitamin E or you can eat two Brazil nuts.
  11. Eat fermented soy products. These contain phyto-chemicals, not found in regular soy, which can decrease cancer growth.  Miso (soup) or tempeh (tofu-type product) three to five times per week.
  12. Use a progesterone supplement if needed. Use a saliva test to best determine your progesterone level. Progesterone supplements are a lotion that can be applied to the thin skin areas of the body-forearms, neck, inner thigh or abdomen. Progesterone deficiency can be diagnosed with symptom list, but saliva test is best.
  13. Get regular chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments increase the thiol level in the body. Thiol measures health status, stop damage to cells and were found to be higher in those who are under regular chiropractic care.
  14. Perform lymph drainage/self-breast massage. It is suggested that under wire bras may block the lymph flow under the arm. Good lymph flow will remove toxins from the body.

Take time for yourself. Recharging your batteries is key in maintaining good health and decreasing stress. Make this a priority every day, even if it's just 10 minutes every day.


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