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Pregnancy & Delivery

Drugless healthcare is always the best option for a growing fetus. Chiropractic care leads to a more comfortable, healthier pregnancy, along with an easier delivery for both mom and baby.

Pregnant women have special concerns. Carrying the baby to term, morning sickness, normal development, backaches, leg pain and safe, uneventful labor.

Chiropractic care has proven to help high risk pregnancies to carry to term. Women with severe nausea have noted a diminished sensation. Some have seen the symptoms disappear completely. Manipulative therapy normalizes the function of the pituitary, adrenal, ovarian and placental systems. This tends to shorten labor and lessens the need for any medical intervention. Women who maintain chiropractic care are also much less likely to suffer any postpartum depression. Chiropractic care has proven itself with pregnant women as well as new born infants. The trauma of birth is strenuous on both mom and baby. You chiropractor can get you both off to a straight start on the path to your new life together.


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