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Ear Infections

Middle ear infections are common in many infants and toddlers. Clinical observations show that adjustment increase ability to fight infection and therefore result in fewer occurrences and decreased severity.

Technically speaking, infant ear infections are called otitis media. Many parents have found that chiropractic care is one of the best things you can give a child suffering from ear infections. While not a treatment for the infection itself, doctors of chiropractic have noticed the profound effect on ears and hearing.

Common treatments used in conventional medicine include antibiotics, surgery and tube implants. In one study of 171 children with acute otitis media, the children were divided into four groups. One group was treated with surgery, a second with antibiotics, the third with both surgery and drugs; the fourth group received no treatment. Results showed no significant differences in pain, temperature, duration, appearance, hearing or recurrence. Simply put, recovery time and discomfort were unchanged with or without conventional treatment.

On the other hand, clinical observations show that chiropractic care significantly reduces pain, duration and recurrence levels. Fevers associated with these infections have also been relieved.


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