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Comfort in Pregnancy

Dear Dr. Nancy & Staff,

I wanted to write and tell you what a difference you all have made in my and my family's life.

My first contact with your office was late in my pregnancy last year. I was aggravated by my condition. My pregnancy brought with it an acid reflux problem and carpal tunnel syndrome. By adjustment, both the acid reflux and carpal tunnel was relieved. My back problem worsened toward the end of my pregnancy because my son was pushing on my sacrum. The CranioSacral massage helped and regular massage helped relax me in general. I really appreciate the versatility of methods used to help your patients in their healing, knowing all the types of techniques doesn't always work from one person to the next.

After my pregnancy the adjustments helped me to heal and realign my spine after the trauma of childbirth. Also, you so gently adjusted my son at two weeks of age and helped him. Since then, he also has had adjustments for sleep patterns, acid reflux and gas problems and had great improvement.


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