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Infantile Colic

Infantile colic is as troublesome for the parent as it is for the child experiencing the condition. Characterized by a multitude of symptoms, the suffering infant does not usually respond to simple comforting and exhibits periodic fussiness that can last for hours or days. In many cases the infant appears to be in pain. The child may pull up its legs and the abdomen may be hard and distended. This condition rarely responds to traditional healthcare. Chiropractic can help.

Two studies relating to infantile colic are of particular interest. A group of Danish chiropractors revealed positive results in their study when spinal adjustments were given to a group of infants diagnosed with colic. In another study 94% of a group of 316 infants showed successful results after just two weeks of chiropractic care.

Why does chiropractic work when other methods fail? Simple. Nerve supply is vital to the proper function of every system of the body. The nerves, muscles and tissue connected to the stomach, intestines and other abdominal organs need to be free of interference in order to function properly.

Infants with colic who respond to chiropractic care are noted to sleep for longer periods and require less comforting. Healing takes time. The sooner the treatment is begun, the sooner you will see results. As adjustments help to restore normal function in your child's nervous sytem, your infant's digestive tract and other related organs have a better opportunity to receive an unrestricted nerve supply from the brain, bringing it back to its full potential. The results are a content baby, a happier you and the return of sleep to the entire household.


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