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Chronic Pain

Millions of people experience more than 100 days of pain a year! Arthritis, migraines, back and neck problems, sciatica, disc disease, nerve disorders and other conditions disable more people than either heart disease or cancer. Pain has a purpose; it is a warning telling you something is wrong. We often see pain as a disease alert rather than an early warning system. People normally head for pain killers, treating the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem.

There are two types of pain. Acute pain is moderate to severe and comes on suddenly. It may dissipate, or may come and go periodically. Acute pain is caused by cuts, bruises, fractures, sprain or infections, among other reasons.

Chronic pain lasts for six or more months and can be constant. This type of pain sometimes leads to depression, insomnia, exhaustion and weight loss or gain.


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