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Chiropractors continue to observe dramatic improvement or total curing of bed wetting after spinal adjustments. Bed wetting is often found to respond, in many cases, after just a few adjustments.

An estimated 5 to 7 million children in the US have the condition technically called nocturnal enuresis. Wet blankets and sheets, a rubber mat over the mattress, soaked, smelly pajamas and an uncomfortable, embarrassed child.

The medical approach to bed wetting includes drugs like antidepressants and anti diuretics. These approaches include side effects which include anxiety, insomnia and upset stomachs. They can be rather expensive and the long term effects of ingested chemicals are many times unknown.

Chiropractors have continued to observe dramatic improvements and even the curing of bed wetting after spinal adjustments. By eliminating nerve stress and spinal blockage to internal organs, including the bladder and brain, your child's overall health benefit, along with the bed wetting problem, in most instances, being alleviated.


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